Liquid Waste

In 1993, the Bernalillo County Commission adopted the Groundwater Protection Policy and Action Plan (GPPAP) in an effort to reduce groundwater contamination. As septic systems are the primary source of groundwater contamination, the city and county made extending sanitary sewer and the removal of septic tanks high priority.

For those properties without access to sanitary sewer, the liquid waste disposal and treatment regulations amended in 2005 impose additional requirements and standards on liquid waste disposal systems (commonly referred to as septic systems) to ensure remaining liquid waste systems are in good operating condition.

Prior to the transfer of a property with an existing on-site liquid waste system, the current system owner shall have the system inspected and evaluated by an inspector utilizing a department approved form . . . In the event of a failed system, that includes, but is not limited to disposal fields, the owner shall remedy the failed system with department approval. — Regulation

Your broker will ensure you are complying with all required regulations and assist you with transferring permits upon sale.






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