Regulatory Issues

It’s challenging enough to just get your house ready for sale . . . declutter, paint, upgrade, clean up the yard . . . the list from your broker goes on and on! Then you have to live in your house as though it’s a show room and be ready to depart at a moments notice for a potential buyer.

Finally you accept an offer! Just when you thought you were done with the hard part, you have to jump through (or ensure your buyer jumps through) all the regulatory hoops associated with selling your house. Below is a short list of regulations and issues that might impact your sale:

  • Property Tax Disclosure
  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure
  • Septic System Inspection and Permitting
  • Well Permitting
  • Foreign Investment Taxation Regulations
  • HOA Disclosure Act
  • PID Disclosure Act
  • Flood Insurance

What are the requirements? Do they apply to me? How do I comply? Your broker is equipped with the knowledge and documents to ensure you comply with applicable regulations.