Technology for Buyers

Technology has transformed the way real estate is bought and sold in just a few short years. Every month brings new options and new features for brokers and buyers. Here are the core products we use for our buyers.



We participate in the multiple listing service (MLS) powered by FlexMLS to locate homes for our buyers. The MLS is the system that houses the majority of listings in our market and is the database that drives many of the popular real estate websites such as, Zillow, and Trulia.

Through FlexMLS we can create customized searches that will email you with new and updated listings on the schedule you determine and we can set up an online portal for saving properties that interest you. FlexMLS also offers a mobile app for accessing portals and searches.



We offer HomeSnap Pro as a home search app for our clients. HomeSnap Pro allows buyers to stand in front of a property, snap a photo, and instantly view information about the property—whether it's listed or not! Listed homes of course have more photos and information. The app also allows for broker to buyer messaging relating to properties.



The Supra lockbox app allows us to schedule showings when it's convenient for you—without having to work around the seller or listing broker's schedule.


electronic signature

Our brokers offer either DocuSign or Authentisign options for electronically signing documents via computer, tablet, or phone. Electronic signing allows you to sign from anywhere you can access the internet.



Our brokers utilize either ZipForm Plus or Transaction Desk to produce transaction documents and agreements. Both products ensure clear, readable, and up to date forms.