MLS Now Offers “Contemporary” Search Field

In the past, brokers seeking a modern/contemporary style property for their buyers had to resort to hand culling listings or searching for keywords in remarks—an imperfect solution that sometimes led to homes being missed. Though our market doesn’t have a great deal of contemporary inventory, I’ve found that when buyers want that style it’s a very strong preference. The MLS has recently added a “contemporary” field to the style section of our MLS. A great development that will make it easier to identify these properties.

We’ve added a contemporary section to our “Search By: Style” section of our website. This page will display a current list of the active contemporary inventory in our MLS. Please keep in mind that this field is a broker selected field. In reviewing the properties there are many I would not categorize as “contemporary”, but if the broker has selected that check box when entering the property into the MLS it’s going to show up!

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